How to Jailbreak Ios 10 Version with Yalu

Yalu is the best way to jailbreak iOS 10 firmware. Not only iOS 10, you can also use it to jailbreak iOS 10.1, 10.1.1 and 10.2.

It is very stable and has no stability issues that I know of. Hence, I would reocmmend it to everyone who is.

You can download it using the official website and then installing it with another installation tool such as the Impactor utility. But I don’t recommend that method as it is difficult for beginners to use. Apart from that, it requires a computer to work properly.

You can read this guide to install Yalu jailbreak on your iPhone with Safari browser.


This is the method I used and I can confirm that it works perefectly fine on my iPhone 7.

Some users are not willing to try it due to security reasons but I can assure that it has no virus or any other malicious program installed in it. It simply uses the original file and uploads to the internet so that anyone can download it and jailbreak their device without accessing a computer.

So how do you like this method? Is it easy or difficult to use?