How to Sign Up for Free Email Services of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo

Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo are now known as top 3 free email services. Today, I’m going to show you how to sign up for these free email services as well as indicate the strengths and weaknesses of each email service.


  • Pros: better security, good services, syncs with many other Google accounts (youtube, googleplus, blogspot, etc.), is widely used.
  • Cons: you must have a phone number to sign up. (Sometimes it’s not required)

To sign up Gmail account, please follow these following steps:

Step 1: Fill in account information

Access to url: , fill in necessary information.

  • In Choose a username section, enter your Gmail username, note that you can not use spaces. The username includes characters from a to z, 0 to 9 and dots. If the username you choose is already being used by another person, then a notification in red will appear below the box, which means you have to choose another one.
  • In Your current email address, enter the email address that you are using. (This email address will help to recover your password in case you forget). Skip this step if you don’t have another one. Choose and fill in other information, then click Next.


Step 2: Phone number Verification

Sometimes you will not see this step if you are signing up for Gmail for the first time, and, on the computer that has never signed up for Gmail. If you encounter this one, the interface will appear as the image below. You should make sure that you’ve entered the phone number correctly, and then choose form of receiving verification code. It’s recommended that you should choose to receive it via messages because if you choose the other one, Google will call for you and read the code in English.

Click Next, Google will send you the confirmation code. Enter it and hit Confirm.

Step 3: Finish and Experience Gmail

After filling out all necessary information, you will be redirected to the setup page called Google plus (one type of social network similar to Facebook), where you can provide personal information to complete task. But your goal is to sign up for Gmai, so please click No, thanks.

Now you have successfully signed up for Gmail, the website will automatically switch to So that you will be immediately able to use Gmail. If the website does not go to that page, please visit url:


  • Pros: good security, good service, syncs with Microsoft accounts (Windows 8, Skype, etc.) and is widely used.
  • Cons: it’s necessary to have a phone number to register for Hotmail (Sometimes it’s not required), is not as widely used as Gmail.

To sign up Hotmail, you visit url, click Get a new email address and fill in necessary information, then hit the Create account button.


Note: Username must be written without using spaces, the characters include letters from a to z, numbers from 0 to 9 and dots, if username you entered is already being used by another person, there will be a notification in red will appear below the box and you must choose another username. In the Recovery email- you enter the email address you are using. (This email will help us to get a new password in case you forget it), skip if there is no other email.

Having completed, you may be required to enter the verification code from Gmail, if you may not, you will be moved to your account information page.

OK, so, you’ve completed signing up for a Hotmail account. Access to to use Hotmail now.


Pros: you can use yahoo mail account to chitchat on Yahoo, quick email registration without phone number.

Cons: poor security, poor service.

To register Yahoo mail, you only need access to url:  to fill in necessary information. In Phone number section, fill in correctly if you have your phone number, or else, fill in someone’s phone number, as long as it exists. Then you click Create Account.


If you fill out information correctly, you will be redirected to the new website to notify that you have successfully registered, if your information is still not accurate, you have to re-enter them. Then you visit to start using Yahoo mail.

Good luck!