The Importance of Photography in Advertising

Any company interested in selling a physical product needs to market an image of it in their advertisements. Most people have a limited attention span for advertisements, and once an image gets into their head it is stuck there forever. Shoddy photography therefore hurts a brand well after it is retired, while gorgeous images do not resonate with consumers if they were already subjected to a poor picture. This means that photography for advertising purposes needs to get it right the first time. Businesses simply cannot afford an association with bad quality.

In general, the product marketing process begins with marketing executives coming up with a vision for the campaign. It is the photographer’s job to take their abstract vision and transfer it into a visual medium. Photographers begin with an actual thing, either a photograph of the product in question or an image produced by graphical artists that looks just like the real thing.


Of course, this is only the beginning of the photographer’s work. Let’s consider a can of soda as an example. If the point of the campaign is to highlight the soda’s ability to quench thirst, an ice cold drop of water running down the side of the can elicits the intended consumer response. This can be hard to capture in real time, so a photographer is likely to enhance it later. The soda also needs to be the only thing in the ad that the eye can focus on, so a clean background will be added to help the soda pop. Once the image is perfect, words must be added that complement its messaging, bearing the intended audience in mind. A promotion in a subway train should look different from an advertisement in a glossy magazine, for instance. The resulting ad will be more effective than any assortment of words alone could possibly be!

It may seem like a simple process, but marketing products properly is a challenge that should only be undertaken by those with the skills, passion, and knowledge for the work. Weak images create a problem that marketing campaigns never recover from, placing a great deal of responsibility on the shoulders of those responsible for making sure every image is excellent. Hiring a professional is a must for companies.

In conclusion, the perfect advertising campaign requires the perfect images to complement its branding and message. Both the best and the worst pictures stick with customers, but only one of those outcomes is acceptable to firms.