Types of Touch Panel Computers

Touch panel or more often referred to as touch screen are a common trend in most of electronic devices today. Their use ranges from large computers, palmtops to smart watches. Touch panels are diverse but occur in categories of those that sense finger, stylus and both finger and stylus.

Touch Panel Computers were not much common in earlier days compared to today as they were initially restrained to industrial use. Their dominance in industrial use is attributed to their ability to stand harsh conditions such as vigorous movements, massive vibrations and high temperatures among others. Most of them are fanless, slim and have a built in metallic covers. Various companies make these computers but all use basic touch panel technology, and add other unique features such as covering, software, ports and so on. Common types of computer touch panels include:


· Resistive film touch panel

This is a pressure sensitive touch panel which was among the first technologies in touch screens. Referred to as analogue resistive film touch panel, it was used in making computers smart phones among others. It is designed basically to detect touch by pressing the surface of the screen. This presses the electrodes in the film under the screen resulting into electrical flow which identifies the point of contact.

· Capacitive touch panel

Falling also under the analog category, these screens are able to sense static electrical capacity of the human body. They occur in two types; surface capacitive touch panels which are used in large panels and protected capacitive touch panels used in relatively smaller screens.

· Surface acoustic wave

This are more developed and offer clearer and brighter screens. They detect the screen position where touch has occurred using ultrasound elastic waves attenuation on the surface. They produce vibrations that users can not feel but enable in detection.

· Optical touch panels

These panels use infrared technology in sensing. They are able to provide multiple sensing. Touch is detected as shadow when the finger blocks the light transmission on the point of contact.

These are just among the panels used in computers. Other forms of the touch panels include the Panel mount, PCI slot, open frame and dust and waterproof. Basically they have been designed to serve a general of specific purpose; however, they make use of the same technology used in Touch Panel Computers.