Website Analysis Report: Does It Help in Lead Generation?

Website analysis report is an essential tool in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When experts do a website analysis, they perform a thorough review of the website to see how well they are showing on different search engines. For bigger companies, they also do a competitor analysis report. It is the act by which they analyze their competitors instead of their site only. They use it when they want to find out the strengths and weaknesses of competitors so to improve their own.

When it comes to website analysis, there are many pressing questions that business owners ask. One of the most common though is whether a website analysis report is helpful in lead generation. It may seem like an elementary question, and it is, but it is also a significant one. The straight answer to that is yes. It is beneficial in a lead generation since it contains much pertinent information which can be used to improve lead generation. It is the most reliable source of information in developing lead generation.


One of the primary things about lead generation metrics is goal conversions. In modern SEO, everything that you do to optimize your website boils down to a significant factor, conversions. Through the web analysis report, you will find out the percentage of visitors who get converted into consumers. You will also see how many there are and from which sites do they originate. With this information, you can improve to have higher conversions or to maintain a good conversion rate.

Previous Period Performance

Having an analysis report is beneficial since you can keep track of everything that’s going on in your website. Through it, you can compare your sites performance in the previous months and the current month. You will see the result of the solutions you had in improving your performance. You will see which months did right and which ones are slow. You can also check all the data it has to know the reason behind those performances. You will see what went wrong on those previous months and analyze what you can do to improve the performance. If the past months’ performances are better than the current one, you can check the trend and find out why that so happened.

Visitor Engagement

Another essential factor for lead generation is knowing about user engagement. As a website or business owner, you want to know where your visitors come from. You can check how many users get routed from individual sites. With this information, you will find out which sites are good, so you have a better lead on where to focus on. Knowing where the majority of visitors are coming from in lead generation is very important so you can appropriately plan additional steps to take to improve it.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that web analytics report is an essential part of a successful lead generation. Without it, you and your SEO firms are blind on what’s going on and how you will go about resolving issues on your website to improve it and increase your conversions.